Incidental Padding

Volume 2, Issue 4

Sewing a T-tunic That Looks Like a Tunic by Stellaria

Ok, you've all seen the "basic t-tunic" that has you trace a t-shirt onto some fabric and sew it up. It's what most new guys get pointed to when they need beginner garb. However, there are problems with this.

An Appeal for Civility by Frothgar

"So chill out and don't be a douche bag."

Archery II by Silk

This is the second in an ongoing series of articles related to Archery in Dagorhir. Last issue we covered the very basics of equipment and how you know when your arrow is safe to fire. Today I would like to cover “How to safely shoot a target.”

Brutus' Foam Forge by M.J. Brutus Valerianus

Foam smithing, by an expert.

A Song of Dagorhir by Sirilay

You're reading that right--I did sing it, but from now on will commission a bard to sing it at following Ragnaroks :) There is a link to a midi of the tune if that's able to be posted in IP (tune: And true to bardic tradition, there is a final verse that will only be passed down in the oral tradition and never written down. So they'll have to contact me or wait until we can get a recording of this.

If You've Never Fended For Yourself at Camp by Ketch, The Cooking Expert!

An often asked question of the first time or newer Dagorhir camper is what will I eat; how will I feed myself?

Recipes by Ketch

Rag XXIV is history and I would like to share three dishes that I intended to prepare at Rag for the Kitchen.  Murphy made his annual visit and I actually only had time to make one of them.  This is a must try dish if you enjoy Asparagus.

A Pirate's Life For Me #2 by Mariner, of K'lar and Pahmoten

Sit by the fire, dear readers, and hear this most excellent and totally not made up story of murder, intrigue, and revenge....

How to Measure Yourself for Garb by Kevat

Have you ever made a piece of garb only to find that after all of your hard
work and money spent on materials, it didn’t fit properly? Have you ever tried to
commission custom garb, only to wonder what they mean when they ask for a set of

Communal Rag Food Made Easy by Chade

Tired of eating hot dogs every campout, or relying on the generosity of others? Why not cook your
own meals with some friends?


Sewing For Dagorhirrim: Intermediate Handsewing Stitches by Stellaria

Who is ready to polish up their handsewing skills?
I'm assuming that if you're following this tutorial, you've already mastered the basics outlined in the previous article found here. You'll be using some of those running stitch and blanket stitch skills here, as well as the ever-important knotting and tying off.

Archery By Silk

This is the first in a series of short lessons on Dagorhir archery, which will include things like bow basics, arrow basics, and how to shoot. We will not delve too deeply into proper form right now but we will get into some basics.

A Pirate's Life For Me by Mariner, of K'lar and Pahmoten

The moral of the story is: Never shield-bash a 350-pound tank, especially when he's expecting it.

Defining "Character" By Sir Magnus of Narnia

One of the attractive aspects of Dagorhir is the chance to step into the role of another person in a different time or place. This often called a person’s character or persona. When talking about “characters” people tend to throw around terms like role-playing, characterization, and garb, but don’t’ often share a common idea of what these terms mean. This can cause a lot of confusion as people try to explain one concept with a term that other people think means something completely different. The following is a collection of common terms commonly used to describe characters or personas in Dagorhir.

A Character Camping Experiment by Frothgar

What one man can do another can do.”

-The Edge

From The Editor

 I'd like to start off by saying “Hi, my name is The Rogue, and I am a stick jock.”

Dagorhir Then and Now by Whisper

When I Was Your Age...

Gather 'round, kiddies – it's story time! As one of the few survivors of the days when Dagorhir was new, dinosaurs walked the earth, and U2 and REM were only played on college radio stations, I've been drafted to tell how the game changed since then, and how it stayed the same.

Death Before Dishonor by Durzo Stern, Order of The White Lion

Gather round, hear one man's story
Though I am just a simple bard,
I'll try to leave out all that's gory,
Though it may be rather hard.
I speak of heroes fierce and strong,
Rangers deep with in the wood.
Fighting to undo all that's wrong,
And stand for all that's pure and good.

You see, the rangers, they're a scary thing.
Taken from the tales of old.
The sound of their swift arrows' ring,
makes every evil's blood run cold
I'll try to paint this picture well,
As I see it through my own eyes,
It speaks of men who go through hell,
To triumph strong; glory, their prize.

Picture the battle starting to rage,
As they sound the drums of war.
They're like a beast locked in its cage,
Under a flag worth fighting for.
They hear the mighty battle cry,
From the throats of soldiers proud,
And then their arrows start to fly,
Raining down, death's rain from a cloud.

Unit mates they call each other,
As they fight beneath green, black, and gold.
But to each they are like sister and brother,
As they watch the chaos start to unfold.
Their bows fire straight and true through the air,
As heavy thoughts fill each ranger's head.
In the name of all pure, good and fair,
They leave theirs foes lying dead.

You see my friends, just what they are,
They're not the knights that you think of,
Yet enemies run fast and far,
As their arrows rain from above.
Do you wish to know their secret?
You'll have to promise not to tell,
How are they the fiercest I have met?
How can they walk unscathed through hell?

They are united; they cannot fall,
Cause the ideals that they fight for
allow them to stand proud and tall,
Empowering them down to their core.
So when the rangers come for you,
If you are evil you're a goner.
Their way of life that all once knew:
is "Death Before Dishonor."

Little Dagorhirrim

My Little Gypsie by Durzo Stern, Order of The White Lion

I've watched the sun rise every morning,

Over mountains, towns, and seas.

It paints a picture for all to witness

Such beauty found with such ease.

I've laid beneath a torrent of darkness,

Gazed deep into the star lit skies,

Wept alone beneath her emptiness,

As I stared into heaven's eyes.

But compared to you that perfect sky,

Is nothing more than child's play,

For the sun and moon fade from sight,

At the start and end of every day

They disappear without a trace,

After they have said goodbyes

But your endless beauty is still there,

Every time I close my eyes.

I viewed an eagle gliding high,

Such grace, since then I have not seen.

It dipped and swooped so swift and agile,

Above the forest top's so green.

I've stood on mountains higher still,

Looking out as far as the eye could see.

Gazing over land so beautiful,

That it took my breath away from me.

But that little bird is nothing,

It's just like every other of its kind.

Not special like you are to me,

By you it's beauty is out shined

And those mountains they took climbing

Just to catch a glimpse of pure and sweet

But when I'm looking deep into your eyes,

The mountain views are simply beat.

I couldn't find my muse tonight,

until thoughts of you found me.

Visions of sweet perfection,

Are all that I could see.

You probably will dismiss this,

I dont think you'll see what I mean,

But I thought that I'd still let you know,

That you are my gypsy queen.

Little Dagorhirrim

A Warrior by Kam Romani

In feinting slight and quickest step,

An enemy's challenge deftly met.

With piercing arrow or slicing sword,

Bravely facing the advancing horde,

Having no hesitation or fear of demise,

His focus solely on winning his prize.

The death he deals with laughing jest,

A call to others to bring their best.

He delights in opponents, worthy and true

From the rising sun til day is through.

Then to the fire and songs of his feats

To be sung ever longer than his heart.

My Princess by Durzo Stern, Order of The White Lion

Through pale blue eyes I gaze on to thee,
Captivated by purely sweet grace.
A web weaved so deep in intricacy,
A Bastille keeping me within this place.

Chains of wasted hope bar my broken heart.
My tear stained soul splayed out onto the floor,
Breaking each moment that we are apart.
Longing to be touched, but alone once more.

Until day breaks and darkness fin'ly ends.
A superficial ray of sun shines through.
Content to live a lie and just pretend,
That all is well alone here without you.

I’ll bare my mask’s trouble all on my own.
Never will my life’s great burden be shown.

Little Dagorhirrim

We by Lilianna Syrinx Tahnukee

We Fight, we live, we die,
our scars remind us we are still alive,
we cover the waters in blood,
and decorate the land in red,
we sacrifice,
we proudly die,
besides thos we fight who are our allies.

We fight, we live, we die,
this is the dagorhir life,
grab your sword, dagger or bow,
come kill fast or slow.

Cover yourself in paint,
Grey, Green, Black,
whatever you choose,
then Battle On,
scream for it,
and bleed for it.

Die for Honor.
Die for Glory.
Or Suicide.
Die and continue to fight,
this is the way of the dagohir life,
and we live and breath,
this chosen death of blood red victory.


(c) Elysha D. Waggoner 

Copyright © 2006 - All featured works are the property of the author/artist and presented with permission.